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Dongfeng cummins "on" engine cold triumphant return

Dongfeng cummins "on" engine cold triumphant return
A few days ago, in the expecting eyes, a assembly "on" engine cold testing and a service china truck came to dongfeng cummins east side door, the successful completion of a long cold test stroke returned home in triumph.
As we have learned, dongfeng cummins "on" project in the first table prototype on October 12, 2010, ignition success, this model is 3.9 -liter four cylinder control engine, support the four emissions; Matching denso fuel oil system, the cummins and Germany continental cooperative development new platform control module. After the bench test, test, reliability test and a series of work, fully prepared, "on" engine cold test according to the established plan as scheduled start, on December 15, in cold start test.
The cold test team by dongfeng cummins product development staff, EAR&D, CES and dongfeng motor co., LTD., commodities research and design the test engineer composed. Test team will start from xiangyang, via handan, shenyang, Harbin, across henan, hebei liaoning and other provinces, and ultimately to heihe test base. The test road about 7000 km, lasted for more than forty days, in the middle of January 2012 to return to xiangyang. The test the result in cold conditions, including dongfeng parts electronic control system, fuel system and reprocessing plant, the whole engine performance, the comprehensive test its cold working performance, the vehicle matching cold sex and driving performance.
cummins parts "On" engine after the cold after the test, a symbol of all the environmental adaptability test complete, is about to enter a new stage of product development.

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Dongfeng cummins: HES has made brilliant achievements won the pr

Dongfeng cummins: HES has made brilliant achievements won the praise
A few days ago, in dongfeng донгфенг cummins, the parent company's annual HES work review, dongfeng cummins with 2010 annual safety accident rate 0.085, safety severity 0.425 (200000 hours of work hours loss ratio), realize safe production zero accident did not happen, occupational and environmental pollution accident have been obtained respectively, both sides of the parent company for approval, dongfeng truck co., LTD., safe environmental protection energy advanced units and cummins director award, best practice award.
In 2010, dongfeng cummins 226000 sets of production and marketing, in order to strengthen the new employee safety education, tertiary education carried out after the training effect, validation and staff's mount guard monitoring, production set up "the preliminary is made" central idea, and so is the idea of an strict control and supervision of the implementation, effectively reduce the most dangerous people namely field work personnel's risk, especially the safety protection and lifting equipment point inspection execution, excellent team in the function of the propulsion, the implementation effect has been significantly improve and enhance; Manufacturing engineering in the production cummins 6bt field in total 764 location instructions for a comprehensive revision, the purpose is to check and increase security environmental protection aspect, in the future to staff the safety of the normative operation gives clear guidelines.
In order to avoid safety risks from the source of environmental protection, dongfeng cummins 4bt also implement ehs technical review, acceptance and a total of 340 items, especially for large scale project control. There are on C/L expansion project early safety environmental assessment, in the design source control, issued a detailed mechanical processing equipment HSE specification, please have the qualification of company safety pre-evaluation, occupational health preliminary evaluation and environmental preliminary evaluation; For remanufacturing project from beginning to end tracking, organize professional team for remanufacturing plant construction acceptance; For new products, quality test bench for multi-functional team drawing sign audit, etc.
In the security environmental protection investment, dongfeng cummins 855 key in the daily security hidden danger of environmental improvement, labor insurance supplies issue, energy conservation and emission reduction, health care allowance, safe environmental protection warning, exhibition board publicity, safe environmental protection technical reform, etc, used for safety and environmental protection support fund amounted to more than 600 yuan.

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dongfeng cummins in Russia

dongfeng cummins in Russia
It is reported, as long as the compatibility dongfeng dump truck cummins engine vehicle mileage reached 1 million kilometers, or engine running time to 20000 hours, car and time of 5 years, and at the same time, no big maintenance, such as a cylinder head is not opened, the oil pan, fuel injection pump also has not been carried out adjustment, etc., can to dongfeng cummins service station sign up for the "gold medal user" selection activities. Dongfeng cummins staff will be in accordance with the above conditions will dongfeng cummins engine and the CRM system statistical record compares, identification, and run the user face to face communication, check to ensure that activities of the fair.
Dongfeng cummins is holding this activity, on the one hand, is the hope that through this activity find out some good customers, they on the machine right use of maintenance shall be awarded behavior; At the same time, also hope that through this activity, collect their use of maintenance of some valuable experience, and more users to share, let them can like these gold users better use of dongfeng cummins engines, let the machine for users to create more value.
Every arrive the end, it is the enterprise sum up the past, think about the future, in December 2010, dongfeng cummins in kunming held the 2010 annual meeting of the service. From chengdu, chongqing, Tibet, liuzhou, yunnan province, southwest of more than 100 service, kunming, together with "expert service, was in the world" as the theme, discuss the dongfeng cummins 2011 service for development. On the meeting, for the past year, for the development of dongfeng cummins marine made a prominent contribution to the collective services and advanced individuals to commend and reward. The assembly organization service representatives signed the "service letter of commitment", to social public service commitment.
In April 2010, twenty, dongfeng cummins with its two paragraphs ISDe4 cylinder, 6 cylinder Europe three, Europe four electronic control engine the Moscow international commercial auto show, caused many audience interest and inquiry.
Dongfeng cummins kta19 engine with good products and good service for the Russian market recognition: only in 2008, Russia's largest in heavy card manufacturers carma we import dongfeng cummins ISDe185, 210, 270, 285 engine 8000 sets; 2010 1 -- 4 months, although the influence of the financial crisis has not yet been fully in the past, but dongfeng cummins Russia single export has more than 1700 sets.
In order to better meet the Russian market demand, dongfeng cummins nt855 to strict product certification, not only through the Russian experts to the dongfeng cummins authentication, but also through the export to Russia market after testing the authentication, in order to meet market and the legal and regulatory requirements. Meanwhile, the parent company to support the United States cummins dongfeng cummins Russia market, also specially established in Russia spare parts storage, and arrange new product "early care" staff, to ensure that the Russian market users can get fast and effective service.

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accelerating heavy duty engine market layout

accelerating heavy duty engine market layout
In recent years, along with the national infrastructure construction to speed up, the domestic commercial vehicle market is developing rapidly. Especially the truck industry, 30 tons high-end, ChongXingHua truck welcome the new growth space. dongfeng trucks and the key assembly - engine, the technical condition restriction, new product development has been nothing. In this context, the domestic first it has independent intellectual property rights, meet four countries discharge, discharge for 13 liters of electronic control engine -- ISZ dongfeng cummins engine, from the beginning of the planning by many high attention. In January 2010, dongfeng cummins announced last three years of research and development ISZ13 dongfeng cummins/heavy duty engine has been completed in production system debugging, supply chain integration.
Dongfeng cummins ltd officials say: ISZ13 up heavy engine is dongfeng cummins based on automobile market "light the light, the person that weigh more heavy" development trend to make strategic decision, is the product line development, improve the independent research and development ability is one of the key steps. And this wholesale motivation for limited production, dongfeng cummins implement this strategy, accelerate the heavy duty engine market layout a significant step forward.
It is understood that the ISZ13 liters engine is by dongfeng cummins contribution, cummins east Asia research and development center for research and development, and got the cummins global r&d network support. It is based on cummins product platform development of the latest generation of heavy duty engine, vehicle countries meet three, four countries emission standard, and have to upgrade to the kingdom of five potential. Dongfeng cummins engine with ISZ all the independent intellectual property rights, later even cummins want to use this technology into mass production, but also from the dongfeng cummins starter purchase.
In addition to the truck market, dongfeng cummins will their goods to construction machinery field. In 2010, at the beginning of the New Year, dongfeng cummins engine company will have good start, with stable and reliable products and brand reputation, dongfeng cummins win a domestic famous engineering machinery makers 252 engine order, the 252 engine will launch the export Brazil, this also means that 2010 dongfeng cummins accelerated development engineering machinery market has effect at the beginning of the show.
Service: expert service is better than out
In order to strengthen the "expert service, was in the world" service brand concept, dongfeng cummins in nationwide organized a monstrous grand meeting service, nearly students from dongfeng cummins and all parts of the country service agent service engineers have partial took part in the competition. From early June to early training, to theoretical knowledge competition, the actual maintenance operation competition, etc., on September 13, the end of the game for 4 months. The theory knowledge competition in knowledge quiz is given priority to, engine structure, working principle, dongfeng cummins isf service system and CRM system were incorporated into the scope of assessment; The actual operation, to the technology as the core, the engine troubleshooting and maintenance practice comparison. Theory and practice operation work along both lines, all-round, multi-angle help service engineer improve their professional skills level.
In addition to training to improve, "grand meeting service" the second function is: to share insights. Nearly thousand dongfeng cummins isl huge service stations all over the country, the natural environment and use condition is different, the engine condition, meet different service problems emerge in endlessly, therefore, each has some special experience for other service station, you can reference. "Grand meeting service" is the dispersion in around the station set up a technology, management experience of communication platform, make advanced experience and practice, which can be quickly in the nearly thousand station sharing, improve the service level and the level of customer satisfaction. At the same time, through the "grand meeting service, service engineers can also be found from each other their own problems and find the end user and the best way to communicate, learn from each other, reference, complement each other, to provide users with fast and effective to lay a solid foundation, will be followed the sharp rise of users' satisfaction.

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Dongfeng cummins: quality win the trust

Dongfeng cummins: quality win the trust
Strong brand usually carrying higher loyalty, to product the user not only based on rational choice, more strong affective commitment. Dongfeng cummins products with its high reliability and fuel economy, has won a large number of users, which reflects the strong brand "strength.
Recently, the author visited shanxi giti tire companies, the logistics enterprise already and dongfeng cummins engine co., LTD., hand in hand for 15 years, and it's more than 150 trucks are used dongfeng cummins engine, due to the dongfeng cummins engine products have high quality and timely proper maintenance, engine running mileage close to or more than kilometers is still no overhaul, the real truck economic benefits developed acme.
Coal transportation a big test
"YuXian surrounded by hills for low the ecoenvironment south east, north, many mountains and deep valley, complicated topography of the adaptability of the truck engine put forward higher request. At the same time, coal transportation process cinder and dust is easy to cause air filter plugging, if midway for engine failure cause goods can't timely sent to the destination, the loss of the company one can imagine." Giti tire staff said. Dongfeng cummins 5.9 reliability and stability, to survive the harsh conditions of carriage and dust environment test of 15 years. The modular design concept, make the dongfeng cummins engine parts number than the other 30% less, not only reduce the wear between the parts, but also reduce the probability of failure. At the same time, dongfeng cummins engine every new handsets before they leave the factory experience extreme conditions of pressure test, and also makes it more than face dust environment still reliable as usual.
At the scene, staff have opened one of the car hood, after start engine makes clear and powerful voice, who can think, this is a have to run more than 1 million kilometers of the cummins motor engine.
15 years of careful maintenance
In the past 15 years, from the Ⅰ emissions standards to the kingdom of now 3 emissions standards, giti tire company every truck assembly is dongfeng cummins engine. A car and YuXian and shijiazhuang distance about 350 kilometers, the 150 car back and forth every day a total mileage reached 50000 kilometers. Such a high strength work, carefully professional maintenance necessary.
Truck mileage each additional ten thousand kilometers, the professional maintenance staff to engine routine maintenance, such as fuel filter, air filter, special oil and other maintenance a replacement. In the parts replacement, giti tire all adopt the dongfeng cummins 8.3 repair station buy original accessories. Especially the summer, in order to prevent high temperature and long time running the engine damage, in all water tank cleaning. Giti tire as the relevant personnel said: "dongfeng cummins product I rest assured, match again with professional maintenance, I can save worry."
Quality bring market
Shanxi is China's coal province, due to the market demand, domestic natural become their trucks and spare parts of enterprise competition. Since 2009, dongfeng cummins engine co., LTD. Set up commercial counsellor's office, the implementation of the marketing resources lead since, dongfeng cummins has setup the datong and YangQuan two predicaments, relying on quality and service has accumulated the user resources. At present, dongfeng cummins isb has YangQuan area occupies 50% market share. Only a YangQuan YuXian, dongfeng cummins engine is about the ownership of more than 4000 sets.
Giti tire from attendance statistics chart can clearly see: more than 150 vehicles have been maintained a high attendance rate and low failure rate, no doubt to the enterprise to take more income. It is reported, giti tire company recently purchase 67 units equipped with dongfeng cummins engine truck, and has already begun to open up the market, other than shijiazhuang operating tools optimization push giti tire enterprises great-leap-forward development. Similarly, in taiyuan, shanxi shortly before the motor show two coal logistics company direct order fifty station equipped with dongfeng cummins truck. Along with the dongfeng cummins 6ct brand influence and marketing move deeply, giti tire such loyalty number of users will continue to expand.


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